Heidelberg Platen Gripper Arms

gripper arms inspection

The gripper arms on the 10×15” (original part number T1304) and 13×18” (original part number GT1304) Heidelberg platen machines often experience common issues of bending/over-rotating or failing to pick up sheets. These grippers are a consumable item after all but can also be subject to damage from improper use of the machinery or damage from items blocking their path. For best performance and efficiency, it’s best to replace the gripper arms when required at an affordable price from a reputable supplier!

In recent times it’s become increasingly difficult to source these gripper arms (and other parts) from a reliable source – independent manufacturing cost are huge which make this route virtually impossible. It’s no secret that the vast majority of gripper arms available online come from the far east. Cheap parts attract attention however this brings its own set of problems as manufacture quality of parts and in particular these gripper arms are very mixed – some very good and some very, very poor.

Profoil vigorously tests and inspects each gripper arm that we have to ensure the quality is sufficient and acceptable to the high standards our customers have come to expect from us. If the gripper arm does not meet our standards, then it’s not sold and gets disposed of – Profoil wants to ensure our customers only receive high quality products that we are happy to sell.

Our checks include

  • Ensuring the arm is straight
  • A thorough inspection of the gripper arm – especially looking for the end of the gripper arm to ensure no rotational bending is occurring when in operation
  • The grip closes properly along the entire arm
  • The rubber grip edge being fully smooth and free of any blemishes or bumps that might impede the closing operation of the gripper arm
  • Ensuring the springs open and close consistently

Next up is a thorough greasing of the springs to ensure they operate smoothly and reduce any chance of breakages or rust etc (customers must maintain this service themselves after use). Finally the indicated areas for oiling are lubricated and the gripper arm is given a final inspection & clean.

As well as gripper arms, we have over 900 machine parts for the Heidelberg platen and cylinder machines. If you need a part, please contact us with a picture of the broken part and ideally your machine size with the serial number. This helps us to correctly identify the right part for your exact machine. Alternatively, you can search via the original part number on website using the search tool. Parts are available at competitive prices, quick turn around times as well as worldwide shipping, so we can get the part to you almost anywhere in the world.

Gripper arm inspection
Gripper arm inspection