Foil Length Calculator

foil calculator

Struggling to estimate how many impressions you will obtain from our foil rolls? Our simple to use Foil Calculator below can estimate for you, based on whether you want to use a roll length of 122m or 305m. Unfortunately, we only supply foil rolls in this length.

Foil Calculator

Available Roll Options (Length): 122m 305m

Length of Single Pull (in mm):

Number of Impressions: 12200

By knowing exactly how much hot stamping foil you will need will help you complete a more efficient run, without over or under ordering foil from us.

We sell foils in gold, silver, colours and holographic formats and only use a manufacturer that we use in-house for our own foiling – because we think its the best foil available.

To cut and respool your own foil rolls, please consider the Profoil Foil Cutter Respooler for both 122m and 305m rolls.