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We’re always trying to find new and innovative products for the hot foil stamping and embossing industry. Ask us for any advice on required on these products.

Counter Die Production

PragoPaste 512 Counter Force System

£24.50 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

PragoHart Counter Force System 0444

£51.49 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Plato Counterforce Cartridge System

From: £16.99
£11.99 ex.VAT

Profoil Brand

CH200 Holotrans Foil

£0.49 M2
£9.99 ex.VAT
From: £3.95

Makeready Materials

Pertinax 0.5mm

From: £7.95


We stock makeready and packing sheets for foiling and embossing, along with recommended adhesive tapes and accessories all tried and tested internally by us.

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.5mm

Rated 5.00 out of 5
From: £5.80

Makeready Materials

Super Press Blanket

From: £105.00

Toggle Hooks - Standard Size

Premium Toggle Hook Size 2

£8.99 ex.VAT

Toggle Hooks - Standard Size

Toggle Key Bits – Pack of 10

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£9.50 ex.VAT

Toggle Hooks - Standard Size

Toggle Key

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£12.99 ex.VAT

Embossing Makeready Materials

Plate Mounting Tape (Large)

£39.95 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Epoxy Glass Board FR4 0.4mm

From: £30.40


High quality parts for both platen and cylinder letterpress machines and fully converted foiling and embossing machines.
Contact us for any assistance.

All Cylinder Parts

Oil Guard Drive Side

£54.00 ex.VAT

All Platen Parts

Guide Pin Operating

£60.00 ex.VAT

All Platen Parts

Crank Handle

£114.00 ex.VAT

All Cylinder Parts

Handle For S1746

£32.50 ex.VAT

All Platen Parts

Air Pump Gasket

£19.20 ex.VAT

All Cylinder Parts

Side Lay Lever D/S

£32.50 ex.VAT

All Cylinder Parts

Chain Gripper Cam

£174.00 ex.VAT

All Cylinder Parts

Guide Block C/W Collar

£57.60 ex.VAT