Gilt Edge Foil

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Gilt Edge Foil

gilt edge foilGilt edge foil available in shades of gold and silver, with a metallic gloss finish. This foil is not standard hot stamping foil and is used in a different process to traditional foil.

Gilt edge foil is the perfect way to add some extra special elegance to your product whether it’s a new set of business cards or a special edition of a classic book. This process doesn’t use regular stamping foil and requires specialist foil to achieve a great finish. This Kurz foil has been specifically formulated for this process to ensure good adhesion when applying the foil and to reduce flaking which increases the longevity of the finish.

Profoil only offers genuine Kurz branded foils for specialist processes because it’s the best foil for the job. Perfect for foiled results on a range of products such as business cards, bibles, prayer books, special editions, notebooks or diaries.