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Leather Hot Stamping Foils

leather hot stamping foilsLeather hot stamping foils available in shades of gold and silver, with a metallic gloss or matt finish. Previous Kurz AF and AS grades are now replaced with an improved single AFS grade.

When hot foil stamping on leather materials, you will need a specific leather grade of foil. Regular hot stamping foils which are used on graphics materials will not be sufficient. Due to the natural textured surface and occasionally the use of curing/treating chemicals on leathers, this can make it notoriously difficult for foiling. Non-specialist foils simply will not adhere to the material, resulting in an unsatisfactory finish. Kurz AFS foils perform brilliantly on both synthetic/faux leathers and genuine leathers.

From own testing, we’re confident that the best foil results are acheivable on these difficult materials with the quality Kurz AFS foils. Profoil only offers genuine Kurz branded foils for leather because it’s the best foil for the job. Perfect for foil stamping on leather bags, faux and leather book covers and leather accessories.