Hot Stamping Foils

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Hot Stamping Foils

Supplier of hot stamping foil from the world’s leading foil manufacturers and now since 2018, Profoil has launched its own range of heat stamping foils.

Profoil and its partners have the technology and expertise to construct foils suitable for professional trade foiling on many common print materials. Our range of hot stamping foils includes silvers, golds, various coloured and holographic foils, all chosen for excellent performance. For an estimation on your required hot stamping foil roll length, use our simple Foil Calculator. To cut and respool your own foil rolls, please consider the Profoil Foil Cutter Respooler for both 122m and 305m rolls.

Please note that hot stamping foils are not suitable for toner foiling.

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hot stamping foils

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Stamping Foils

What is hot stamping foil?
Hot stamping foil is a thin film used to permanently transfer aluminium or pigmented colour designs to a substrate via a stamping process. Heat and pressure is applied to the foil over a substrate using a stamping die (plate) in order to melt the adhesive layer of the foil to permanently transfer to the substrate. Hot stamping foil, although thin itself, is made up of 3 layers; a waste carrier layer, the metallic aluminium or pigmented colour layer and finally the adhesive layer.
Why are there different hot stamping foil grades?
To this present day, it’s not been possible to produce an adhesive for hot stamping foil that works across an array of all different material surfaces, for example different grades of foil exist because a corresponding adhesive is needed for papers, dry-stocks, plastics, leathers, textiles etc.
Is hot stamping foil eco-friendly?
The metal in hot stamping foil that is stamped on your substrate is aluminium, which is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and is well-tolerated by plants and animals. After the stamping process, there is no un-recyclable polyester transferred to the finished product and therefore, the substrate is not contaminated. However, the stamping foil layer is produced on a thin polyester layer which is a waste product of the foil. An eco-friendly foil printer should dispose of this correctly with their local waste services.