Hot Stamping Foils

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Hot Stamping Foils

We supply hot stamping foil from the world’s leading manufacturers. They have the technology and expertise to construct foils suitable for trade foiling on many common materials. Our range of hot foils includes silvers, golds, various coloured and holographic foils. Chosen for excellent performance on fine and solid stamping designs with good heat, abrasive and scratch resistance. Contains no PVC, PVDC or chlorine. For an estimation on your required hot stamping foil roll length, use our simple Foil Calculator.

To cut and respool your own foil rolls, please consider the Profoil Foil Cutter Respooler for both 122m and 305m rolls.

Please note that hot stamping foils are not suitable for toner foiling.

Hot Foil Sample Roll

hot stamping foils

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Hot Stamping Foils

CH200 Holoclear Stamping Foil

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