Makeready Materials

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makeready materials

Makeready Materials used in Foiling & Embossing

Makeready materials improves and enhances your product, which helps to separate you from the competition. Be careful of purchasing cheap materials which won’t last.

We offer a comprehensive range of products which have been engineered specifically for the demands of both small to large volume production, and cater for both users of cylinder and platen presses. We’ve focused a range of makeready materials which have been tried and tested within the foiling industry and are proven quality products. The ideal makeready products offer properties such as strength and temperature resistance. It’s also very important for the sheets to be totally smooth to ensure no print through or marking up during the foiling process. With a range of sheets of differing materials such as glass board or presspahn, heat foams to help with foil separation and to stop scorching foils, tapes with heat resistant properties and other handy accessories all to help you improve your foiled finish.

Foiling Accessories

Brass Cleaning Brush (Soft)

£24.50 ex.VAT
From: £6.25
£16.75 ex.VAT
From: £4.35

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.3mm


Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.4mm

From: £5.07

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.5mm

From: £5.75

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.8mm

From: £8.85
£9.75 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Presspahn (SMALL) – Pack of 5


Makeready Materials

Phenolic Sheet 0.5mm (SMALL)

£3.55 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Pertinax 0.5mm

From: £8.35

Makeready Materials

Pertinax 0.8mm

From: £22.50
£29.50 ex.VAT
£42.50 ex.VAT
£51.50 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Greyboard Counter Makeready

£16.75 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Redboard Counter Makeready

From: £16.75

Makeready Materials

Level Film (soft)

From: £43.50

Makeready Materials

Makeready Protection Film

From: £69.95

Makeready Materials

Tissue Paper Packing

£15.95 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Polyurethane Sheet

£165.00 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Embossing Board (Yellow Coverboard)

£14.95 ex.VAT

Embossing Makeready Materials

Counter Force Pins – Pack of 25pcs

£12.95 ex.VAT

Embossing Makeready Materials

Embossing Silver Cover Film

£20.45 ex.VAT