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Makeready Sheets / Packing

Makeready sheets; this range of sheets of differing materials are sourced and tested by Profoil to improve the hot foil stamped finish. A common phrase used to describe the preparation of a hot foil stamping job, i.e. establish correct pressure and heat for production, is often referred to as “making-ready”. The materials used in the process have therefore adopted the term “makeready” materials. In a similar process in offset print, packing sheets are referenced to achieve correct pressure on the impression cylinder, and sometimes this term is also cross-referenced to the hot foil stamping industry.

Pertinax, or a similar phenolic sheet alternative are excellent, low cost insulator materials and therefore help prevent heat loss in the stamping process. Epoxy glass board is just as effective but is more durable under higher stamping pressure conditions, like on B1 auto-platens. Keeping the heat in the impression really helps to create a good, crisp finish.

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.3mm


Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.4mm

From: £5.07

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.5mm

From: £5.75

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.8mm

From: £8.85
£9.75 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Presspahn (SMALL) – Pack of 5


Makeready Materials

Phenolic Sheet 0.5mm (SMALL)

£3.55 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Pertinax 0.5mm

From: £8.35

Makeready Materials

Pertinax 0.8mm

From: £22.50
£29.50 ex.VAT
£42.50 ex.VAT
£51.50 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Greyboard Counter Makeready

£16.75 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Redboard Counter Makeready

From: £16.75

Makeready Materials

Level Film (soft)

From: £43.50

Makeready Materials

Makeready Protection Film

From: £69.95

Makeready Materials

Tissue Paper Packing

£15.95 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Polyurethane Sheet

£165.00 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Embossing Board (Yellow Coverboard)

£14.95 ex.VAT

Counter Die Production

Embossing Silver Cover Film

£20.45 ex.VAT

Embossing Makeready Materials

Embossing Film

From: £10.95

Makeready Materials

Blotting Paper

£26.50 ex.VAT