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Van Son Offset Letterpress Rubber Based Inks

Offset & Letterpress Inks

Offset and letterpress rubber based inks from Van Son have been the number one choice for small Offset and Letterpress ink solutions for many years. Not only do rubber based inks from Van Son provide excellent, clean and vibrant print results, the special formulation of rubber inks allows your ink to stay on the press for days without skinning and drying out therefor this means less requirement to clean your platen machine after each use, for instance. Secondly, Van Son Inks also offer brilliant consistency in the print quality and colours ensuring continued quality is delivered to your customers.

For a full look at the advantages of rubber based inks from Van Son please see our blog post: Rubber Based Inks, The perfect Inks for Letterpress.

Frequently Asked Questions about Offset & Letterpress Inks

Rubber based inks such the Van Son range are made using a rubber based pigment to bond the colour particles as opposed to a traditional acrylic or oil based pigment – this provides a number of advantages, especially when for use within letterpress.

  • Slow drying ink; unlike other ink types it won’t dry out if left on your press overnight or for extended periods of times – saving time on cleaning the rollers and re-applying ink.
  • Rubber based inks wont skin/dry out in the tin.
  • Storage life is very good. 
  • Colours are deep and vibrant with a wide range of pantone colours available.
  • Fast drying. Rubber based inks dry by absorption which means on uncoated, drier paper stocks the ink dries quickly.
  • Good rub resistance

Van Son continues to set the benchmark for consistency and reliability for print and inks. Their rubber based inks are popular because they combine that versatility of a rubber base ink with all the print and drying qualities of an oil based ink.

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