Die Bonding Tape

Die bonding tape or otherwise know as heat tape, or bonding film is an extremely tactile and flexible thermoplastic bonding film which is heat or solvent activated.

Off the roll, the film is not sticky and in the foiling and embossing industry, applying the tape to heated honeycomb plates will activate the strong hold properties of the film to securely position foiling dies into place.

Die bonding film can also be used to firmly hold down makeready other specialist materials such as heat foam, directly positioned on heater plates. If you have a honeycomb heater plate, we would recommend using the correct die fixing system to do that known as toggle hooks otherwise, flat surfaced heater plates will most defiantely require die bonding film.

From our experience, we’ve found only a very small supply of tapes which can perform the same operations as a die bonding film and Profoil recommends the 3M high grade bonding film to our customers.