Die Bonding Tape

die bonding film

Die Bonding Tape


Die bonding tape (sometimes known as die bonding film or heat tape) is a widely used product in the hot foil stamping industry, whether or not used on a simple hand platen, semi-automatic platen, cylinder or a fully automated auto-platen.  Available on rolls of either 25mm or 75mm, the material is a dark brown, non-sticky material. It is not until heat is applied to the tape that it will become ultra-sticky and when heated fully will form a strong, durable bond. At Profoil we supply the premium 3M branded product and we have spent many hours testing alternatives, but nothing compares to the quality and adhesive strength of the 3M product.


The most common use for the die bonding tape is to adhere dies (clichés) on to a heated plate/bed, usually on smaller machines as an alternative to die fixings like toggle hooks or bunter posts. The tape is quick and easy to use; cut a piece of tape to size and lay it on the back of the die, then using heat gloves press your die onto the heated plate for around 5-10 seconds. After this time the heat will have activated the tape transforming it to be sticky. You should be free to let go and your die will be held in place and ready to use. Alternatively, on a hand operated press you can lay your die on the makeready plate with the tape facing the heated bed then close the machine together, allowing the heated bed to press onto the tape and activate the adhesive that way.

die bonding film die bonding film die bonding film

Another use for die bonding tape is to adhere heat foam to the heated beds of cylinder or flat bed machines. Heat foam lifts the foil from the heated bed and stops/reduces “scorching” of the foil, therefore reducing foil wastage and improving the quality of the foil application. For this application it’s best to cut the tape into strips and lay them onto the bed, then apply the foam on top. Find out more on how to use heat foam.


When you’re finished with the tape it’s best to let the machine cool down and then pry off dies/foams and scrape any remaining tape off.


We supply the die bonding tape in 55m rolls of 25mm and 75mm thicknesses at highly competitive prices, available to purchase online.