Kolbus Foiling Conversion

kolbus foiling conversion

Profoil was recently tasked to investigate the option of installing a foiling conversion to a Kolbus PE platen foiling and embossing machine. The customer detailed that the machine itself was now creating print problems and repair and replacement of parts had become more difficult over time since the model is obsolete.

kolbusIt was time to find a more permanent solution of which would offer an instant improvement on foil efficiency and also time saving on make-ready and operation. Overall in comparison with other machines on site, the Kolbus was longer to setup and less flexible with its old, original mechanical pull system that didn’t offer incremental step ins either.

The Foil Expert is a conversion which can be modified to accommodate virtually any platen press machine with customisation of the roller and frame widths during production. Offering incremental step ins and pull accuracy down to 0.1mm with future expansion options for double pull units and holograms, the Foil Expert is a more than capable solution for all foil conversions.

As with any inquiry, care is taken to investigate the customers exact machine measurements first before production begins. An onsite inspection was carried out to identify the ideal installation location too. The existing keyhole back-plate was utilised after the removal of the original system, which made an ideal secure fit to the machine.

After a small amount of adjustment and time, the Foil Expert was in place and ready to use. Immediately a test job was setup to utilise the conversions 3 step pull adjustment so that varying lengths could be set to optimise foil efficiency. After a short demonstration from installation staff (optional with any purchase) the operator was more than happy with the understanding and setup of the conversion. After being satisfied with the results and improvement that the Foil Expert provided, the customer ordered a further two identical conversions for their other Kolbus foiling machines.