Heat Foam benefits for hot foil stamping

heat foam in hot foil stamping

Reduce Foil Wastage and Improve Production with Heat Foam

What is scorching?

Scorching in hot foil stampingWhen foil comes into contact with the heater plate or the stamping die BEFORE the stamping operation, the heat will scorch the lacquer layers of your foil. This will make the foil unusable by creating a rainbow effect on the foils (as seen in the picture to the right). This produces an excess of wastage foil and raises your production costs with wasted sheets.

Why should I use heat foam?

By securing Heat Foam on the heater plate, you will raise the foil up away from the hot bed, which will minimise the effect of scorching. As a result, you will reduce foil wastage and improve quality of application.

Apply bonding film to honeycomb heater plateHeat foam is also an excellent separating material and works great for separating the foil and the die after each stamping operation – this reduces the contact time which can also cause heat streaks on the finished sheet.
In short, by using Heat Foam you can easily increase your quality and efficiency.

Where can I order Heat Foam?

Our Heat Foam is available to purchase directly online. We supply large B1 sized sheets and in three varying thicknesses. The foam can withstand temperatures up to 190°C, so it’s perfect for use on most jobs!

More importantly, the foam from Profoil has a high tensile strength even when under temperature, which stops the foam from crumbling/going brittle and tearing away very easily – unlike other standard foams when under temperature!

Profoil Heat Foam is held in stock for quick delivery.

How do I use the Heat Foam effectively?

To get the most from the heat foam, it’s best to cut the sheets into strips, which is easily done with a pair of scissors or a scalpel. The thicker foams should be position around the stamping die and the thinner 6mm sheet should be applied directly to the stamping die, around the image. You will need to use specialist heat activated tape (also known as bonding film tape) for securing the heat foam to the heater plate. Heat tape is only sticky when heated, not when removed from the roll and is available in two sizes – 25mm & 75mm in width.

6mm heat foam

6mm Heat Foam Position

12mm heat foam

12mm Heat Foam Position

25mm heat foam

25mm Heat Foam Position

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Heat Foam Sheet 6mm

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