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Hot foil conversion kit


The Foil Expert is simply the most innovative, accurate and reliable Hot Foil conversions available.

Platen foiling machine

Specifically designed for Heidelberg T – 10×15, GT/GTP – 13 x18 and similar clamshells style machines.

Foil Expert - Read More

Makeready Materials

We stock makeready and packing sheets for foiling and embossing, along with recommended adhesive tapes and accessories all tried and tested internally by us.

Counter Die Production

Epoxy Glass Backing board

£7.85 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Presspahn 0.5mm

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£7.15 £5.95 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Epoxy Glass Board FR4 0.4mm

From: £30.40

Counter Die Production

PragoHart Counter Force System 0444

£51.49 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Pertinax / Phenolic Sheet 0.5mm

From: £3.20

Counter Die Production

Plato Counterforce Cartridge System

From: £16.99

Makeready Materials

Scalpel Blades No. 11

£14.99 ex.VAT

Makeready Materials

Glass Fibre Brush 200mm x 20mm

£16.99 ex.VAT

Machine Parts

High quality parts for both platen and cylinder letterpress machines and fully converted foiling and embossing machines.
Contact us for any assistance.

£1,450.00 ex.VAT
£120.00 ex.VAT

Foiling Machine Parts

Sheet Separator Spring Complete

£6.54 ex.VAT
£16.00 ex.VAT

Plates / Chases / Jackets

Small Heater Plate for Chase

Rated 5.00 out of 5
£899.00 ex.VAT
£140.00 ex.VAT
£144.00 ex.VAT