Customized Brass Die Stamps

customised brass stamps
Bolt and Screw Brass Dies

It’s great to see that hot foil stamping has taken a huge resurgence in the crafting market, whether it’s for self-interest, or small home business use, the increased demand for small roll supplies of hot stamping foil and customised brass die stamps is great for the market. This is mostly due to the availability and low-priced budget, cheap hot foil stamping machines becoming easily available through online merchants sourcing stocks from the far east Asia.

Although at Profoil, we cannot endorse these machines for professional use, we are often contacted about them and how to find quality, fast delivery consumables for them. When it comes to brass dies, we do not supply a stamp which comes with adapted tooling/amendments to fit these machines. Essentially, Profoil supplies a flat base stamp in gauge sizes of 6.35mm and 7mm, which means the total thickness of the stamp from top to bottom, including your machined image area.

brass die drill and tapping
Tapping Set

From our limited research of such machines, it would seem that many of these machines utilise a Bolt and Screw fixing method, whereby a screw enters the back of a threaded hole on a brass die and is then held securely to a heater plate of a small machine by a bolt. Although this isn’t particularly robust for professional use, it seems to be sufficient for small use.

How do I use Profoil stamps on my machine?

Although Profoil supplies it’s dies to the professional market, if you are prepared and mechanically able to do so, you could source a drill and tap set in the size relevant to your machine and then then drill and tap the back of your own dies supplied by Profoil. We would always recommend our customised brass stamps in 7mm gauge size, to give you maximum 4-5mm for drilling and tapping. Because we do not know what machines have what screws and screw slot sizes, unfortunately you’ll have to research and source yourself.

Failing this method, it almost always remains possible to use high temperature tape, often called die bonding film to stick your brass dies to your machine. This tape is activated by heat so where some protective heat gloves in the bonding process to your machine.

Hot Stamping Foils for my machine.

cheap hot stamping machineAs long as your machine is actually using the traditional hot stamping method of heat and pressure to transfer a foil image on to a substrate, then you can view and purchase from Profoil’s excellent RP grade of hot stamping foil. Although RP is a professional grade of foil, home and small business crafters will find the quality very good and very reasonable in price.