Holographic Clear Hot Stamping Foil

Holographic clear foil

Holoclear foil is a hybrid hot stamping foil product created from two very popular hot stamping foils – clear foil and a full holographic foil that diffracts light, which in our product range is known as Spectrum, or H1000 as its unique product identifier.

Clear hot stamping foil effect

Clear hot stamping foil

Clear foil is a great way of using a subtle method to highlight a design on a substrate. It is essentially a see-through foil, or translucent to be technically correct, but light will reflect off the surface of the foil and therefore simple reflection highlights the area to the eye. This is commonly used with great effect when designing with dark or similar tone colours and you want to avoid contrasting, bold colour design.

However, after the development of light reflective metal stamping foils which reflect a full rainbow of colour refraction, the two technologies were merged to create a further enhanced clear foil that offers improved visibility and vibrance. The result makes it a great solution to add to product packaging where the goal should be to stand out from the display unit or against your competition.

Holographic clear foil
Holoclear has a micro-thin layer of holographic pigmented metals inside which provides the rainbow reflection, but its small enough to remain invisible to the eye and offer the clear, transparent effect.

Holotrans hot stamping foilProfoil’s Holoclear foil is one of our best-selling hot stamping foils because of its very competitive price point combined with its excellent workability across many types of papers, boards and laminated materials too.

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