Toggle Hook Size Guide – Standard or Low Profile?

There are two considerations you must take before purchasing our original design Toggle Hooks. You must have the right toggle type in order to use correctly.

Toggle Types

We manufacturer and supply two different sizes of our original toggle hook designs. There is a Standard Toggle size and a Low-Profile Toggle size. The difference between the two comes down to just the height of the toggle itself – measured from the bottom claw to the top jaw hook.

The reason for the two varying sizes is to accommodate use with varying depths of honeycomb beds (plates) available on the market. The toggle must be tall enough to fit through the holes of your honeycomb bed and grasp itself around the plate with the top jaw and bottom claw.

Standard Toggle Hooks are intended for use on 17 – 20mm deep honeycomb beds.

Low Profile Toggle hooks are intended for use on 13.7 – 16.5mm deep honeycomb beds.

Toggle Type Diagram

toggle hook type sizes

Toggle Sizes

We offer 4 different sizes of each toggle type. Each size has a differing jaw hook length. Varying sizes are provided to allow you flexibility in fixing differing die sizes to your honeycomb bed. Dependent on the size of your die and its position on the bed, you will need varying toggle sizes to surround the die, and yet still insert the toggle hook into the holes of the bed.

Toggle Size Diagram


Toggle Demonstration Video

Watch out video on how toggle hooks work.

See our Profoil Youtube Channel for more videos.