XTC Channel Matrix Off Centre


XTC Channel Matrix off centre profile is designed to offer closer gap creasing rule options (double creases) which is not possible with standard centre profile matrix. Position the matrix narrow sides together for a shorter distance. A robust matrix on a strong polyester base and bonded with an adhesive across the entire base for fast fixture. Suitable for auto-platen, cylinder and hand fed platen machines.

< 3.0mm channel width / 24 meters per box
3.2mm – 3.5mm channel width / 18 meters per box
> 4.0mm channel width / 15 meters per box

XTC is the best selling creasing matrix in the world! It offers the best compromise between quality and low price. Please contact us if your desired size in not listed here, as the XTC full range is available from Profoil. Also available as REELS.
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